Monday, April 6, 2009

P's Prayer -

Every night we have family prayer and then help P with his personal prayer. Most of the time he just jabbers away in his language which we don't understand much of. Anyway, this is how his prayer went tonight:
Fader (Heavenly Father) jabber jabber jabber jabber jabber Grammy (Grammy Teeples) jabber jabber jabber Gampa (Grandpa Teeples) jabber jabber Daddy jabber jabber Mama jabber jabber jabber TV jabber jabber Mama Puter (I think he is tattling that I'm on the computer too much) jabber jabber Amen!
Anyway, J and I just snickered away when he started praying about the TV and about mama on the computer. I love my little man and he sure brings a lot of humor and love into the house!


Marta said...

I know a tattle tale when I see one and that Preston is one, tattling to Heavenly Father about his wonderful Grammy and that Momma on the computer.

The Adams family said...

Sounds like Emma's prayers! They are so cute at this age. I am so happy that they understand what prayers are and how to do them! And yes you were right... Emma will be a big sister in November.