Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What We've Been Up To -

We have been enjoying the warmer weather the last couple of days. We opened the door to let in some fresh air. P managed to grab a bag of chips and his doodle pad and went to enjoy the sunshine. Here are a couple pics:
Nibbling away

BUSTED!!! This was before dinner time so he knew he was in trouble!


J works with a lot of loud machinery so he wears these headphones to block out some of the noise. He was doing some woodworking at home and brought them home so save his ears. P found them and decided to try them on.

J is taking a picture of him with the cell phone. He didn't want to wear them anymore but we made him so we could get a picture of it. He is totally looking at J with a "Are ya done yet?" expression. So cute!

Here are J and P working out. J was doing push-ups and P wanted to join. The cutest part was that P wasn't pushing up with his arms but just kind of moving his bum up and down!

Things are going good here at our house. We're still working on the family room remodel (slowly but surely) and have celebrated going from triple digits to double digits for the countdown of days for the baby to come. I had my usual Glucose test for the pregnancy and failed. *Drat!* So, tomorrow I have to go and do the 3-hour fasting test. I am not looking forward to it but hopefully I pass and it was just a fluke!
J is staying busy with work and business has picked up for me and my dad. THANK HEAVENS! Business was absolutely DEAD during November & December but we've seen a pick up in refinancing and recently have seen a pick up of purchasing ... which means business for us!
Anyway, that is my travel-logue for the week. I hope all is going well for you!


Genessa said...

We have been loving this great weather also. It has been so fun going to the park! Love the little man doing push-ups. Bridger has not got the push-ups down but he know how to do the squats!

The Perkins Family said...

I just love the pics of Preston eating at the little table. I love stuff like that! Those pushups are pretty funny too! I'm impressed he could get his little legs up there and still hold himself up. Funny!

Marta said...

I love the patient look with the ear protection, sometimes I think we need ear protection, and body armour to be with our little man!!!

teresa said...

I'm glad to see that you're doing so well. And I have to tell you, I don't know that I've ever coveted anything like I am that picnic table for Preston...I want it (meaning, I want my own, not yours, but only because I'm not in Poky, and I can't sneak to your house and grab it, not that I would...why am I still talking...)

Lind Family said...

Teresa, you make me laugh! I'm sure glad your are way over in Philadelphia or I may have had to bolt it down! ;-) (Otherwise, I wish you were closer!)

Katy Schepis Edmondson said...

I love it when kids try to copy everything that we are doing. They want to be so big. I like the picture of your litte boy excerising.