Tuesday, March 2, 2010

E is 8 Months Old!! :'-)

It is hard for us to believe that this sweet little man is 8 month old already! He is such joy and we love him so much. Mr. E managed to wait until this momentous day to cut his first tooth! We've been able to see them for a few days but they hadn't cut through yet. Today, you can feel one of them! Pretty big day in our house! I swear he's been teething since November!

Here are some things about our cutie pie:

* E is sitting up very well now.
* He hates to be on his belly.
* He absolutely adores his big brother.
* He loves to giggle.
* He is very impatient when he gets hungry. (But what kid isn't)
* He is a major flirt
* He loves to smile at everyone.
* He loves sweet potatoes and rice cereal


Marta said...

Yay! Finally cut through! I cannot believe he is 8 months old. Waaaahhh my baby???

Jenny Cook said...

What a cutie!

The Sayer Family said...

Oh my gosh, you have one cute little guy!