Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our Boys And An Update

(Please ignore the hordes of toys and junk. We can't have just one toy, we just empty the ENTIRE toy box! ;-) I'm sure you all know how that goes!)

I was trying to get a video of E and P decided to join the "party." During that time, P was NOT feeling well at all. He had a fever for 2 whole days and is still coughing a week later. Since then, J, E, and I have all gotten it. So far no fever for us (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!!) but just lots of coughing.

My parents and grandparents have had this cold as well. It is a real doosy! (Hmm... how does one spell doosy?) This nasty cold landed my grandma in the hospital but luckily she is doing very well and got to come home a few days later. She has been working with a physical therapist who has been working her very hard. I know she hates it and it hurts but I am so proud of her for keeping with it! I love you Grandma!!!

Anyway, other than the cold, we are doing well. J is keeping fairly busy at work. It is the slow season for him. P is always amazing us with funny sayings and saying words we didn't know that he knew! E is growing like a weed and makes us so happy! P and E are both such blessing in our home! We have truly been blessed. :-)


Jodi said...

Not saying this is what your little one has, but when Jonah ended up in the hospital they told us that this strain of RSV is accompanied by a high fever and nasty cough instead of just the usual wheezing that comes with RSV and that's why many just think it's a normal virus. Just something to watch for in case your little one's fever has been high or lasting for a long time - more than 3-5 days. Jonah's ended up lasting 8 days. I know you're on top of things though! I love reading your updates and think your boys are darling!!!

Darci and Ryan said...

Lots of nasty going around. Yuck!