Thursday, July 15, 2010

Belated B-Day Party!

My parents were gone to Alaska for a vacation on E's actual birthday, so after they got home, we had a little shindig. We had Sunday dinner and some yummy lemon cake.

I learned from P to remove the clothing before the eating began. Made for an easier clean-up. ;-)

Checkin' out the cake. HMMMMM

BIG BITE! He was in love from the first bite!

Cute cheese ball!

Another cute cheese ball with a mouth full of cake!

Feeling that cake squish between his fingers.

One happy boy!

After birthday bath. Dang, is it me or is he flippin' cute?!?!?

Getting ready for a spray of water to hit his face.

P got jealous and wanted a bath too! :-)

E found P's shoes while he was getting his bath.

E's current trick. I love it!

E is infatuated with my parents dog, Jack. Jack is so extremely patient with the boys. He is a very good dog, and when he has had enough, he hides outside. ;-)

P showing off his awesome jammies that my parents brought back from Alaska.
(It says Hy - BEAR - active, and I must say, the second he put it on, we was very hyperactive!)

E's cute outfit from Alaska!

This kid is such a goof ball! WE LOVE HIM!

By the end of the night, E was D.O.N.E.  He was so tired and inconsolable. Poor man.

Overall, this boy had a wonderful birthday and was spoiled rotten. Thanks mom and dad!


Jodi said...

It's not just you...your boys are super cute!! :) Love all the fun pictures!

Marta said...

What a sweet boy, that sad face...
:0( They are dang cute and I am not prejudiced at all...;0)

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

Oh I love that little cheesy grin face! Its not just you! Happy BDAY little man!

Carrie said...

Your kids are so stinking photogenic and funny! You must have to force yourself to not take 50 pictures a day. Your youngest in the tub- best picture ever!

I miss you guys!