Saturday, August 13, 2011

Girl's Camp Pic's: Part 1

These pics are in no particular order. They take forever to load so it may take me a couple days to upload all that I want to. :-)  Check back later.

Me being a nerd with my awesome Girls Camp's Got Talent co-judges!

Group of girls

A couple of girls from my ward. Love these ladies!

Cheese! We gave all the junior leaders tiaras. :-)

Love our flag!

Sing camp songs. This one was entitled "Baby Shark"

7th ward showing off their flag

Doing their skit

Another ward flag

1st ward's flag

I loved this flag! So original!

12th ward's flag.  I look so pleased. ;-)

12th ward's skit

6th ward's flag

Girls waiting for their part of the skit

9th ward's flag

Yet another flag

Me and my friends Ellen and Terri. We had so much fun!

Us singing our LONG song. We were so winded by the end!

Singing about hands of prayer

Singing about hands of nature ... holding flowers.

Oh yeah, a year of camp can't go by without doing the can-can!!!

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