Sunday, August 14, 2011

Girl's Camp Pic's: Part 2

Everyone with their flags

"Carla Cannon" getting ready for Girl's Camp's Got Talent!

One of the wards getting ready for their talent.

More talent. "Pierce Thompson" always X-ed everyone!

Prepping for our Popcorn Popping Rap

Ellen rapping

Terri rapping. It was fun!

Me rapping about pretzels. :-)

Carla  AKA  C-Dawg

WORD! LOL, what nerds!

Another skit. They were depicting a leader falling down the hill during a hike

Another skit

Ah, the infamous 1st ward skit. That fine "woman" would be their Bishop. :-)  He was a good sport.

They were doing a magic show. They had just sawed their assistant in half. Note that I, Howie, was passed out from the horror of the blood and germs. :-)

I arose from my fainting spell and managed to "call my therapist." I then proceeded to pass out. The fine "woman" came to my rescue.

Trying to give me CPR. I managed to "come to" just before mouth-to-mouth was performed.

A group of girls singing

I assume they are singing. We had the Junior Leaders teach a camp song to the younger girls during each flag ceremony and roll call. :-)

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