Sunday, August 14, 2011

Girl's Camp Pic's: Part 3

President Reese and President Davenport getting the girls to do silly things.

The Pres. singing a song for their talent. It was about chickens. It was pretty funny!

We thought it would be funny if Pierce was the only one who liked them! :-)

The dangers of taking a nap during Girl's Campy. This guy got his toenails painted!

While the judges deliberated, they danced around.

1st ward got an honorable mention award. Note the huge bottle of hand sanitizer that I (Howie) gave him. :-)

The Presidents got the Kick The Bucket award. :-)

The Winners!

Ellen posing!

Craft day!

Girls painting their blocks.

Some of our amazing Junior Leaders!

Some of the fearless ward leaders!

Sweet girls!

1st Ward's mailbox

The Stake Leader's mailbox

11th ward's mailbox. It ended up being the winner. Click on the picture and you can see the yarn birds. It looked like a lot of work!

9th ward's mailbox

7th ward's mailbox

12th ward's mail box. The interior was decked out with an animal print collage as well.

I think this was 5th wards mailbox

3rd wards milk bucket .... erm ... mailbox. So original!

8th ward's mailbox

6th wards mailbox. Also very original. The mail got placed into the hands!

2nd Ward's mailbox. I loved this one. Each girls face was displayed on the flowers!

Ellen and I relaxing for a minute. We were pretty darn busy!
Do you like our hoodies?!  J designed it!

Some gals at the card making station we had. This was a very popular spot to sit, chat, and make mail!
The gal on the right is J's cousin! She was a leader in 6th ward! Love her!

One of the finished blocks.

Some more fearless leaders!

Our Stake flag. We wrote the words in tape and then cut out tracings of our hands. Then we used spray paint. I think it turned out so cool!

Here are the bracelets that Pres. Davenport made! It was really cool!


Myya said...

It looks like you guys had an amazing time! LOVE the mailboxes, those are fantastic!!
HA, the painted toenails on that guy are cracking me up!!

The Augers said...

Is that Ellen Thompson?! I worked with her at TJ Maxx for a long time!