Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Confessional


I CONFESS that I'm getting to this post late because I had to work and had a grumpy 21-month-old

I CONFESS that I am sitting here eating a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream with butterscotch topping all of the top.

I CONFESS that I LOVE the shows Top Chef and Top Chef Masters! Any cooking show is fun to watch but I love those two the most

I CONFESS that even though I love to watch cooking shows .... I hate to cook!

I CONFESS that I'm not a fan of Easter. It is supposed to remember our Savior and is resurrection. It is not about a bunny leaving all sorts of candy.
I CONFESS that I hope my prior comment about Easter won't offend anyone. Whatever you do in your homes is cool. I just don't "celebrate" it much in mine.

I CONFESS that I'm nervous for tomorrow. J has an art project that he MUST work on and get done. His deadline is coming fast. The boys hang on him and he has a hard time getting anything done, so I've got to keep them busy and figure out what to do. I really don't want to leave town because gas prices are terrible. Luckily, my tenant/friend suggested doing a picnic with our kids. I'm excited to have some fun with the kids and be able to spend some time with an adult!

I CONFESS that I really love doing the Friday Confessional!

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sarajo said...

Hope you had a great day today!!