Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy List


I've done the Friday Confessional for a bit and decided why not participate in the Happy Lists! I need to try and remember the good, happy things!

  • I'M HAPPY to have such a wonderful family!
  • I'M HAPPY to have two of the cutest little boys I've ever seen!
  • I'M HAPPY to have a job even though I'm not pleased to work this evening.
  • I'M HAPPY that my husband has a job and that we manage to survive.
  • I'M HAPPY that I discovered Angry Birds even though I end up staying up way too late playing it.
  • I'M HAPPY that little E is sleeping right now because he has been such a grumpy little stinker lately.
  • I'M HAPPY that the sun is out! Hopefully, warmth will come with it soon!


sarajo said...

I can't get into Angry Birds. LOL!
And yay for jobs! I haven't worked in almost 5 years. It's so weird to think that I haven't made a dime in 5 years.
And hooray for sun! Ours is suppose to come out starting tomorrow. We'll see about that!

Lynn at Cottage and Creek said...

I just participated in the Happy List tonight for the first time too. I agree that it's good to focus on the positive things in life. I don't know what Angry Birds is and it's probably a good thing! Have a good weekend!

Kym said...

I think I might have to get into the happy lists. It will be a good way to remind myself that life does have happy moments. Thanks for sharing yours!

Marta said...

happy thoughts happy thoughts happy thoughts and nappy time for little ones always helps!