Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Confessional


I CONFESS that I worked outside today in my store's Lawn & Garden department. It snowed last night and made for a VERY cold day! It was windy and overcast.

I CONFESS that I immediately hopped into a hot tub of water when I got home. Thank heavens, J was home to watch the kidlets!

I CONFESS that I missed my weekly family breakfast this morning. Every Friday, my grandparents invite all of our family to this restaurant for breakfast. We meet at 7:30 so that those who work can still make it to their jobs. I had to be to work at 8:00 so I couldn't go. I love the time I get to spend with family!

I CONFESS that I went to a fundraiser dinner tonight out of guilt. The local Boy Scout and Cub Scout troop in my neighborhood was having a spaghetti dinner and silent auction. I was so afraid that they wouldn't have many people show up so I went. HOLY COW WAS I WRONG! That place was packed! I'm excited for our troop to get so many donations! They deserve it!

I CONFESS that I have watched Tangled more times than I can count ...... and that I'm okay with that ..... so far. I love this movie and I haven't gotten sick of if yet. I know I will eventually because I've gotten sick of all the Pixar movies because my boys watch them so much.

I CONFESS that I am enjoying the new people that I've gotten to meet through doing some of Mamarazzi's link-ups! It has been fun corresponding with them through comments and emails! Keep 'em coming ladies!


J FAM Blog for the Soul said...

Oh my son will watch movies over and over when he first sees them...even yogi bear which normally isn't his type of movie, he watches it. Megamind has been watched to death! Tangled is the one movie I don't mind watching with him LOL. I think it's adorable.
I've met some great bloggers through mamarazzi, she's said before she's a bloggy matchmaker...I agree!

sarajo said...

Sorry about the snow. I so don't miss that. Are you in Utah? Cuz that's where we were when it would snow in June. LOL!

And that is an awesome family tradition! That sounds like fun!!

And I haven't gotten sick of Tangled yet, either. It really is a great movie!

And I've enjoyed getting to know you too! :D