Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy List


I'm Happy: because I got to spend Saturday with a good friend. She lives in our apartment. We had an Easter egg hunt for our collective six boys. Then we had some lunch. Then we took the kids to a large park with lots of toys and rocks to play on. While we were there, we realized the zoo was open so we took the kids in to see the animals. It was a long, fun day!

I'm Happy: because I got to spend Sunday with J's family. We went and had dinner with all of his family except for his sister who lives in Colorado. We sure wish they lived closer. :-(  We also had another egg hunt for the kiddos. The weather was GORGEOUS! We sat outside all afternoon in the sunshine. I have sure missed that!

I'm Happy: because I have an anonymous Easter Bunny. We came home from J's parent's house to discover a TON of Easter eggs in our back yard. We have no idea who did it. I'm wondering if it is the same anonymous friend who left us an extremely wonderful Christmas present on our porch. ...... ????

I'm Happy: to have such cute boys! Here is a pic of E and his cute little cousin on Grandma Sugar's bridge

I'm Happy to have such a cute little Easter Bunny!

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Jodi said...

You have a lot to be happy for - very cute!