Monday, April 4, 2011

Pinewood Derby, Baby!

My Young Woman have been asking to have a Pinewood Derby for a year or two. We finally decided to arrange to have one. We called up the Boy Scout Office and scheduled a day for the race track. Once it was official, the girls got pretty excited. We got them their kits and offered any help that they might need. All of the girls wanted to do their cars with their parents. So, we just waited for the date. We invited all of their families to come. It was really fun! I came to the church, where the track was located, full of anticipation as to what type of cars we would see. I was hopeful for pink and lots of glitter and I was NOT disappointed! HAHA!

Check out this rockin' pink shoe! Quite fabulous if you ask me!

The owner of this car has never been seen without a book in her hands, so this car fits her perfectly!

Bedazzled baby!  The young woman wanted us to make sure that we saw the Captain American symbol on the "hood" of the car.

Getting ready for a race. The one on the far left was an amazingly glossy black and purple zebra print. The male judges were quite partial to the Batmobile on the right!

The car on the left was mine. I built it about 5 years ago for a family derby. And when I say I, I mean J built it and helped me with painting it. My poor car didn't fair so well. I had it set incorrectly on the track. It went careening off the track of broke the wheel off. *Sniff*

The green car on the left was a dominator! It won every race and the derby! The sweet Herbie car on the right was also mine. The girls let my little P race a car with them. J also made this one about 5 years ago! It didn't fair well either. Half way down the track, Herbie's wheel came off. :-(  I guess we should have greased the wheels and maintained them during their 5 year retirement!

Over all, we had a fun time! The girls enjoyed racing cars and eating yummy treats. P enjoyed getting to race and also run around with another boy his age. E ended up getting taken to my parents house because he nearly took a dive off the stage. Luckily, our wonderful, attentive neighbor, Kort, was watching and caught him in time. :-/


sarajo said...

I have never done a pinewood derby. I can't wait until my boys are old enough to start doing them!
Love the pink shoe! Super cute!!

Jodi said...

What a great idea for the Young Women! Loved the cars!

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Heidi said...

Uh, I guess I was logged in as Dannis. That SWEET! comment was from me!