Thursday, May 1, 2008

Good Grief -

I guess I got too excited for some nice weather and this is what I woke up to this morning. RUDE!!! I am so tired of snow and I know that you all are probably sick of it too!
Now . . . I don't want this posting to just be me complaining about snow so here are some pictures of P. The other day he was getting into everything and driving me nuts so I stuck him in his high chair and gave him some Oreos. I guess you could say that he likes Oreos.

It was time for bed and he was not in the mood for pictures. Still, he is such a cutie.


Walker Family said...

The snow is so sad!!! I can't believe it's May. I think when I look after Preston Friday we will leave the Oreos at your house :o)

Toby Maxwell said...

The snow was a big dissapointment...but being easily distracted by Preston eating the oreos helped. I like Oreos too. Cute pictures!!

teresa said...

Yeah, the snow bummed me out big time too! I love Preston's facial expression, priceless!

Marta said...

I have some pictures of you with Oreos just about that good, only you were ticked off, just happy to be covered in Oreos...Mom