Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ten Picture Tag -

Okay . . . I'm doing this backwards because I don't want to take the time and rearrange my pictures. So here it is . . .

#10 Picture of Myself - J and I were being silly and decided to do a "photo shoot." The color photo is in honor of Teresa who is an America's Next Top Model fan, such as myself. I had to do some posing! ;o) The black & white is just me trying to be pretty.

#9 My Dream Vacation - I have two. I would love to go see the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand and Alaska. I have family in Alaska and would absolutely love to visit them. J has an old mission companion who lives in New Zealand who would show us around, I would hope!

#8 My Toilet - Okay . . . this is weird but I will show it to you anyway.

#7 My Favorite Room - It would have to be my living room because it is the only one that is somewhat decorated. It is also interspersed with P's toys and stuff.

#6 What Kid(s) are doing right now - P is getting done with his bath. He is getting so big! He is almost as tall as me . . . well not really!

#5 My Laundry Pile - Okay, so I cropped it . . . I'm embarrassed of my laundry pile!

#5 My Closet - Notice I don't show the huge mess at the bottom! You'd think it was tidy! ;o)

#3 Favorite Shoes - You have probably seen a picture of these before but I don't care . . . I think they are cute!

#2 Inside of My Fridge - Okay, pretty messy. But I do know where everything is . . . kind of! ;o)

#1 My Kitchen Sink - My mom would be in shock to see that there isn't a huge pile of dishes. I'm not the cleanest person in the world but I do try.
So there it is, my lovely photos. I hope you enjoyed it.
Now we come to the part where I get to tag a few people . . . so I tag Teresa, Kira, Jamie, & Brandy and anyone else who would like to! HAVE FUN LADIES!


steph said...


teresa said...

Fun tag, I'll have to get busy! I loved the b/w and color pics. Yes, I told my mom the other day that if I was taller and thinner and more perfect looking, I TOTALLY would have auditioned for that show!

Alaska is awesome and gorgeous. I spent a wild summer there when I was twenty, and I'm still homesick for it! You have to go!