Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A - Z Tag -

A: Attached or Single- Attached . . . 5 years the end of July!
B: Best Friend- J and my mommy
C: Cake or Pie- Either . . . As long as they have raspberries on it!
D: Day of Choice- Saturday . . . J’s day off!
E: Essential Items- Family, cell phone, chocolate, and Diet Coke
F: Favorite Color- Any shade of blue.
G: Gummy Bears or Worms- Gummy Bears, I don’t like anything snakelike
H: Hometown- Chubbuck, ID
I: Favorite Indulgence- Sweets and Johnny Carinos
J: January or July- July
K: Kids- P, the cutest kid in the whole world!!!
L: Life is not complete without- Family and the gospel
M: Marriage Date- July 25, 2003
N: Number of Brothers and Sisters- None that are biological. I consider J’s 2 brothers & 2 sisters plus their spouses my own. I also consider my cousins as brothers & sisters too.
O: Oranges or apples- Apples . . . Dipped in caramel
P: Phobia or Fears- Snakes, the dark, tight spaces, large crowds, etc. etc. etc. I’m afraid of a lot.
Q: Quote- "Pain hurts.” Grandma Lind (Josh’s mom. She still gets teased for that one!)
R: Reasons to smile- Whenever P is nice (which is a good portion of the time), when J gets home from work, and when my mom calls.
S: Superman or wonder woman- I should go with the women but Superman is HOT!! FYI J, I love you!!!
T: Tag 4 people- I’d like to tag Jessie Gray, Brandy Anderson, Katie Hulse, & Lindsay Walker.
U: Unknown Fact about me- I like to watch Ultimate Fighting on TV. (There is an ultimate fighter in my ward and I can’t wait until he has a fight because I want to go and watch!! J thinks I‘m a nerd.)
V: Vegetable- Gotta be broccoli - hands down.
W: Worst Habit- Chewing my fingernails
X: X-ray or ultrasound- X-ray. I had a not so comfortable “internal” ultrasound when I was pregnant early on.
Y: Your favorite food- That is too hard. I do love shrimp, Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo, and my mom’s Chicken & Dumplings . . .YUM!! Now I’m hungry!
Z: Zodiac Sign- Gemini


steph said...

So fun to read! We need to start a don't bite your fingernails club. I would be your first member, got any tips?

The Bobo's said...

This is one of the funnest tag I've seen yet. So fun to read it and get to know you even better. I am so excited to be able to keep in touch! Have a great day!