Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mr. Fix-It -

J is Mr. Fix-It! We had a vent fan in our bathroom that kind of looked like this but without the light. Pretty boring and not very attractive. Anyway, the fan gave up the ghost and we have been living without one for a while. One day we went to Home Depot to price fencing and ended up coming home with a new fan. ISN'T IT CUTE! It looks like just a regular pretty light fixture but there really is a fan in it too! We love it.

Poor J spent about an hour in the attic, kneeling on those hard rafters, trying to install it. While he was up there we realized we didn't have a couple electrical doodads, don't ask me to tell you what they are. He handed me one through the hole in the ceiling and I was about to make a mad dash to Home Depot when I saw my nice neighbor across the street pulling weeds. He has always seemed like a Mr. Fix-It himself so I decided to take a shot in the dark and see if he had any, AND HE DID! It was so awesome.

Anyway, an hour later (plus a cut finger, tons of insulation in our clothes & hair, and a quick run across the street) we had this lovely light up.


brandya said...

Thank goodness for our boys! I love that they can fix things and only need a little complimenting in return.

Kristine said...

i can't believe that light has a fan in it -- awesome! great job

teresa said...

awesome. it's moment's like those that i'm so grateful to have a guy willing to do that kind of stuff!

steph said...

I am so jealous of the fan. I can't wait to show Bryan. Thanks for sharing!! Hope everything is wonderful in Poky.