Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carving Pumpkins -

So, we carved a pumpkin for Family Home Evening this week. I've been looking forward to it because I thought P would enjoy it. He ended up being pretty bored with it and wanted to watch Cars (his current obsession). Also, he kept saying it was "scawy" the whole time. I think he learned that word from his cousin, Whitney, and his friend, Taylor. I tried to get him to touch the "guts" but he was not interested. Anyway, J and I had a good time.

P keeping a close eye on Daddy's work.

Getting even closer to watch me work.

This is his worried face as he says "scawy" (scary).

He was having fun sitting on the table. This is not normally allowed but I figured it was a special occasion!

The finished product. Who does it resemble you say? Well, of course, Spongebob Squarepants! Spongebob is P's other obsession. The cute thing was that P recognized it as Spongebob and even said it the next morning when he saw the pumpkin. My kid is so smart.


Marta said...

How could he not recognize Bum Bob???

Lacey and Jeremy Briscoe said...

How fun. Love the spongebob pumpkin. His "worried" face is so cute!

teresa said...

What a cute punkin! Isn't it funny how quick they tune into things like "scary." Jayda still does that.