Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our Buzzing Bee -

We had a ward Halloween party on Friday. It is always the best attended party of the year and I love to attend to see all of the cute costumes. My cute friend, Carrie, made her sons costumes. Liam, 2, was a centaur (half man - half horse) and Julian, 6 months, was an ice cream cone! Those were just come of my favorites. Here are some pictures:

I hate this hat ... and I don't want to pose for pictures!

Frowny faces. P was NOT in the mood for pictures.

We went to my parents house afterwards to show off our cute bee. He let me try on his hat.

More bubbles! P was using his feet to pop the bubbles. It was pretty funny!

This picture is after we got home from the party and Grammy & Grampy's house. He was in a much better mood and willing to take a picture! I'm so proud of myself for getting such a cute picture!


Marta said...

Now there is my boy! Happy Bee.

teresa said...

Such cute pics! Sky had a costume with a hood on it too, and he was hating us pretty good for making him wear it for pics. It still provides plenty of entertainment for us, so we're cool with it!