Sunday, October 26, 2008

Grandma Sugar's Annual Halloween Party -

Every year J's mom has a Halloween party. We get the kids together and dress them up in their costumes. We make homemade glazed donuts (YUMMY!!!!) and gorge ourselves on them, cookies, and other yummy treats.

J's sisters, Heather and Maria, made a yummy taco soup. For those who may not know, I have been a very picky eater ever since I was really little ... which has driven my mom crazy. Anyway, I've gotten better as I've gotten older. I was brave enough to actually try the taco soup and I liked it a lot! I still didn't eat the chunks of tomatoes but I did like it. Thanks Heather and Maria!

I think we have started a new tradition where the women will be making a craft. We started making a really cute rag doll. I even participated and sewed on the sewing machine. It was a lot of fun. We aren't done with it yet but when we are, I'll post a picture of my doll. Anyway, here are some pictures from the day:

J's sister, Maria, and her husband, Steven.

P loves his cousin, Caleb. Caleb would be crawling around and P would be right behind him trying to pick him up. Finally, we just put them in a chair together so that P could have his fill and Caleb wouldn't get injured! ;o)

Cute boys!

We have a good hugger!

Here are some of the kids posing in their costumes. P was terrified of his cousin, Gabby, who was a dinosaur ... hence why J is in the picture and P doesn't look happy.

Sarah as Hermione Granger and Gabby as a dinosaur.

Whitney trying to fix her hat. She was a cute little lamb!

Morgan is one cute little lioness!

Andrew is one strong Batman!

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Marta said...

What a cute bunch, where are the pics from our family party, oh yeah, Preston is there...THE ONLY.