Thursday, October 2, 2008

Future Blogger In Training! (I'm so proud!) -

I guess P is trying to emulate his mommy. He was over playing at the computer and it was so cute! I had my blog title flash into my mind and I ran and found the camera! He doesn't actually use the computer, he is just playing, typing, and clicking away. I've realized I can't let him to it for too long because he ended up pulling up the Internet and also pulled up my Picasa album! I certainly don't want my pictures "accidentally" erased!

Clicking away.

Cute Face!

Typing away and looking at his picture that we have as our wallpaper!

I just had to add this picture because I love it so much! It was taken back in February (2008).


Chuck and Katie said...

He is so cute, It's funny how they know and want to do what mom and dad do.

teresa said...

Oh, I love their chubby little boy faces! I could just kiss their cheeks forever!

Steven & Maria Cziep said...

Your pictures are always so great--I love your model too.

Katy said...

and so it begins...once they start playing on the computer it won't stop. Emma and I have to take turns with playing on the computer.