Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Past 2 Sundays -

P loves to give kisses. I thought I'd share a couple pics from Sunday evening while we were at my parents house. (Some might be fuzzy ... sorry!)

P loves his Grammy!


Look at my cool shirt! Daddy likes it!

Trying to kiss Jack, my parents dog. Jack is such a good dog and pretty tolerant. He wasn't in the mood for kisses (and never is) and gave P a hard time. (I love my mom's smoochy lips in the background!)

This is us watching General Conference. P only sat still for about 2 minutes and that was it! Typical toddler for ya!

Cute family, if I do say so myself!

P spent a good portion of General Conference sitting on this stool that was upside down. He was making it buck like a horse and was having a grand time!


brandya said...

I pretty much love your family!! Preston is going to be such a heart breaker! And you are incredibly beautiful girl! Please tell your amazing parents hello for me! Love ya

Chuck and Katie said...

Preston is one cute kid.

Toby Maxwell said...

very cute family!! Great way to spend General confrence.

teresa said...

Such cute pictures, he just gets bigger everyday!

Lacey and Jeremy Briscoe said...

way cute family! Preston is so cute!

Camie said...

o my goodness! That cute little kiddo looks a bunch like his grandpa!