Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy List


I'M HAPPY to have a day off of work today! Yay! I'm totally gonna snuggle up and read .... as much as my two-year-old will allow. ;-)

I'M HAPPY for this time of year. Several friends on Facebook are doing 30 Days of Thanks. It helps me to remain positive and ponder about what I am grateful for!

I'M HAPPY to have such a forgiving child. We went to a friends house yesterday. I hung up my coat and purse on her coat rack. I didn't realize that everything was on one side. As I stepped away, it fell over fast and hard ... hitting P square in the forehead. :'-(  Poor guy. He has a huge goose egg on his noggin'. He cried for quite a bit but managed to forgive me. I know it wasn't my fault and it was just an accident but I hate when my kids get hurt!

I'M HAPPY for the movie Bolt. Little man, E, loves puppies and doggies. He gets so excited to watch it. As a matter of fact, he is watching it now so that I can have some bloggy time!

I'M HAPPY that my sweet sister-in-law and her hubby invited us over for dinner on Sunday. I am notorious for being a picky eater. I have grown in leaps and bounds as a married adult though. I am much more willing to try things. Anyway, she was nervous that I wouldn't like the food. Her hubby's ancestry is from Germany. They traveled to Eastern Europe last Christmas and picked up some Hungarian Paprika. Anyway, she made a heavenly Chicken Paprikash and homemade spaetzle! It was awesome!

I'M HAPPY for the opportunity to think about what makes me happy! Thanks Mamarazzi for hosting such an awesome meme!


lynn said...

Yeah, kids are great that way with forgiving and forgetting when they are little.

I'm super picky too, we'd probably get along real well that way! I've been trying to be more daring as I get older though.

VandyJ said...

Not so picky here, but I still hate raw onions. That dish sounds good though.

Conni said...

I have slammed fingers in door ways, and other such things too, good thing they have short little memories, and forgive mommy!!

My husband tells me I am a picky eater all of the time...I don't think I am, ;)

Mamarazzi said...

i am loving all of the 30 thankful days posts on FB too!!

thanks so much for the sweetness, and for linking up!!