Saturday, July 26, 2008

Our 5th Anniversary! -

We celebrated our 5th anniversary on Friday, the 25th! We had a great time. My mom watched P and we went to The Black Swan. We got to stay in the Atlantis suite and it was really beautiful! Anyway, I thought I would put some pictures from our wedding. I wanted this posted on our actual anniversary but I had to scan in all the pictures. Too bad our photographer didn't have a digital camera back then. This is one of the first pictures taken as we walked out the door.


Showing off my cute shoes! The butterflies matched the colors for the reception!

J loved this tree so we had to have a picture in front of it! I think it looks great!

Having some yummy food at the luncheon between the wedding and the reception. We are such nerds!

Um ... I thought it was funny!

Our pretty cake! (Fake flowers by the way.) I couldn't find a cake topper that I liked so we used this beaded temple. My cousin found a little light to go under it so it looked really cool!

Goofy kids!

Caught red handed! Patrick and Steven attacking our car. After the wrapping was complete they covered it in whipped cream. All 4 door handles were filled with Vaseline. The car was full of rice and all sorts of things. They glued a ugly Hoola Girl on the dash board. Overall, it was great! Luckily, they didn't put it up on cinder blocks! My car was safely hidden in my grandma's garage so J's car received the brunt of their attack. All in good fun, I guess!


Adam and Kym said...

Oh, that is so mean to do to a newlywed's car. I'm all for good fun decorating but -
I loved seeing some of your wedding pictures!!

brandya said...

Your pics are SOO adorable!! Ah, the good ol' days! :)

teresa said...

Cute, I love the pictures! And happy birthday to Preston!