Sunday, July 6, 2008

Water Hog -

It seems like the only pictures we get of P lately are of him in the water. Oh well, there will be plenty more to follow. This actually occurred on July 3rd but I just got around to posting them.


Lickin' those lips!

Making sure the sprinkler works properly ... yeah right!

Taking a break!

Peaking through the railings to watch the water.

P telling Mom, who is relaxing, something very important.

In deep thought.

I'll tell you what!

Gettin' a drink!

Hmmm ... maybe I should spray Daddy with this sprinkler.


Having a blast!

I can't just play IN the sprinklers, I have to play WITH the sprinklers.

Turn the water back on ... PUH-LEASE!


Marta said...

water hog? water dog? whatever, he is a water master. Gonna be wrinkly by the end of the summer.

brandya said...

You have such a cute water baby! Thanks for posting such amazing pics of your little ones! They will be memories for years to come!