Monday, July 21, 2008

Pictures from the Lind Family Reunion ... Finally! -

So, my mother-in-law came down this week with her camera. She loaded up a bunch of pictures from the family reunion so I thought I would share them now.
Here is the cabin that we stayed at. Beautiful country!
J's brother, Shane, and our nephew, Sam. Shane is trying to get Sam to stop squirting him with the squirt gun! It was pretty funny!

J and I hanging out with his dad. It kind of looks like I'm striking a pose.

Water Fight!!!

J teaching P about the water gun.

J's sister Maria, cousin's Morgan and Whitney, are going for a walk. P is bringing up the rear.

J's brother, Patrick, taking our niece Breanna for a dip!

P picking "flowers."

Uncle Shane taking a much needed nap.

The girls (me, Laura, Trixi, Heather, Maria, & Ileen) went for a 4-wheeler ride. We stopped at this beautiful meadow but were getting attacked my hungry mosquitoes, so we left.

Grandpa Lind is having fun with the water fight!

One of the few pictures that I have of Grandpa smiling. He doesn't like to smile for pictures.

The men went to shoot their guns and stuff.

J helping P get his cousins during the water fight!

My cute little nephew, Caleb, hanging out with this cute hat on.

J getting attacked by our nephew, Cody!

J and me with our brother-in-law, Todd, after a 4-wheeler ride. We were FILTHY!!!! It was so fun!

My niece, Gabby, having fun during the water fight!


Marta said...

looks like loads of Lind Laughs!!!!
I am glad she finally got some of those pictures out of their little prison.

teresa said...

What a fun time! I love the cabin.

teresa said...

What a fun time! I love the cabin.

The Gray Gang said...

I love family reunions they are soo fun! Looks like this one was no exception!