Monday, July 14, 2008

Our Weekend -

Sadly, we forgot our camera so there are no pictures. SORRY! Anyway, we went to Soda to visit with J's family. His sister, Heather, was still there and was going to be leaving on Sunday, so we decided to run up and spend more time with her and her family.

On Saturday, there was a Lloyd (J's mother's family) Family Reunion. We played out at Hooper Springs and ate good food ... again. It seems like all we do is eat! P really enjoyed playing on the toys. He had to be coaxed to go down the slide but he enjoyed it. He also liked the teeter totter for a while. I sat with him on one side and J sat on the other side. All was going good until we decided to walk over to the actual Hooper Spring and have a drink. Actually, I don't drink it because I think it is gross but J and his brothers like it. As you have seen from previous posts, P loves to play with water and decided he was going to take a dip. Luckily, J was right there and stopped him ... only one foot made it into the spring. It wasn't a hot spring so he wouldn't have been burnt but it was deep. Anyway, who wants to drink the water after some kid has jumped in?! I decided it was time to take him home and let him have a nap.

Afterwards, everyone else came home from the reunion and we just hung out and played. Josh always manages to get soaked by the little girls! They love Uncle J because he will play with them and tease them. After a while, the adult children (J, me, Patrick, Laura, Todd, and Heather) decided to get away and go bowling. We had the whole bowling alley to ourselves and had a great time. I had the best time because I won! I never win at bowling so I was pretty excited.

Anyway, that was our weekend. There isn't going to be any activity on here for the next several days because I am heading off to Girls Camp! Yippee! I love camp and am looking forward to it. I'll try to remember to take some pictures and I will update when I get back!

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jared & brittany said...

sounds like you had a good time. have fun at girls camp. i get to go next week!!! where are you going?