Sunday, July 27, 2008

P's 2nd Birthday -

We celebrated P's birthday which was on Saturday, July 26th! On Saturday, we had a little party with the Lind family. Unfortunately, stupid me forgot my camera. So, I have to wait until I can get them from my mother-in-law. P got the coolest little train toy from his Grandma & Grandpa Lind. He thought it was awesome and played with it all night!

Today, we went to my parent's house, after church, for dinner and to celebrate some more. P was SO tired and fell asleep during dinner. This video is right before he fell asleep. He is so stinkin' cute!

After a much needed nap, P awoke to find his new bike. It has several buttons and cool sounds ... as you will see in the video below. He loves it and wouldn't leave it alone! Good job, Grammy & Grampy Teeples!


Marta said...

The smile at the end tells the story. Love that boy!

brandya said...

I cannot believe he is 2 already! How exciting for you guys!! I love the videos! They are so adorable and just make me smile. Love ya girl!!

The Gray Gang said...

Poor baby! What a tired little boy... How precious!!! Looks like tons of fun! I must agree with Gramma, the smile at the end is PERFECT!

Chuck and Katie said...

He is adorable, gotta love birthdays