Friday, March 27, 2009

Dueling Bellies & Other Stuff -

On Sunday, March 22nd, we went to dinner at my parents house. That isn't really new but my dad and I took our Dueling Bellies picture. We've decided to turn this into a tradition, I guess. So here we are:

Dueling Bellies 2009 (I'm 25 weeks along)

Dueling Bellies 2006 (I'm about 21 weeks.)

P showing off his "baby belly." Hmmm ... way too skinny to have a baby in there. By the way, he is sucking in his tummy. He isn't emaciated, I swear!

My little man, the Diet Coke-aholic. He takes after us Teeples folk. Here he is stealing sips from Grampy's mug. I think he was also nodding off to sleep.
1:00 PM church + no nap = a sleepy kid for Sunday dinner.


Marta said...

I think your Dad is going to go on a starvation diet when he sees this picture! Good thing you have some limitations on who can see it!

Jill and Levi said...

I love the belly pictures! I am sad that preston is a Teeples in the fact that he likes Diet Coke :S YUCKY STUFF

Mark and Kristen said...

That is hilarious!! :)