Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fun With The Girls -

On Saturday, J went to help his brother lay tile in his new house. I knew that I wouldn't be very helpful and P would just get in the way, so P and I took a trip to IF to play. We spent time with my cousins, Jamie and Jill, and their families. We just hung out and visited, watched the kids play, made my mandatory trip to Johnny Carinos for lunch, and played at the park. P and Kyler had plenty of fun but I think Jamie, Jill, and I had even more fun. Here are some pics from our time at the park.

Weirdo, pregnant woman playing on the toys.

Jill and Jamie having way too much fun on the tire swing. The funnest part, for me anyway, was watching them try to get on the silly thing. I stayed away from this "fun" because I get motion sickness really easy.

I've never seen such a big swing with a buckle. (Maybe I don't get out much.) Anyway, I just had to sit in it for a pic ...

... and go for a swing. Thanks for the push, Jamie!

Jill's hubby, Levi, came to play and P had Levi wrapped around his little finger. It was pretty cute.

Heading down the slide with Kyler behind trying to scare his Uncle Levi.

This pic is especially for Jill because I knew she was pleased with her armpit shot! ;-) Love you, Jilly bean!

Sisters having way too much fun!

I assume P is telling Levi what to do or something.

Jill and I playing.
I love these girls so much! I consider them my sisters and love them to bits. They are so fun to hang out and visit with. I love their husbands too and am so glad to know them.


Marta said...

waah I missed the fun!

Erin said...

ok.... that is absolutely the hugest swing I've ever seen. Totally awesome.

Valerie said...

That grown up swing looks like a blast!! I got stuck in one of those little ones once.

steph said...

oah my goodness you girls are too funny! Looks like a blast, Preston is so going to be embarassed of you some day. lol Have fun, thanks for the other weekend!

Jill and Levi said...

Yay! It was so much fun to see you and Preston. I'm a little embarrased by these pictures. But it was sure fun!! Love you!

teresa said...

You guys look like a lot of fun to hang out with! You're looking so cute Kjerstin!