Sunday, March 15, 2009

Unexpected Project & Some Other Pics -

While drywalling our family room, we discovered that there was, what we thought, a small leak. We knew it was from water dripping off the roof and soaking into some wood. J went and bought some metal flashing and was going to fix the problem real quick. When he pulled up the siding, he discovered that the pressed wood underneath was completed rotted and soft. So he kept pulling up the siding until the dry rot had stopped. See the picture below:
So what we thought was going to be a quick fix turned into a mad dash to fix it before the rain or snow that was forecasted for that night. We ran to Home Depot and got all the supplies that we needed and got to work. My sweet mom came and got P when she got off work and took him to her house. Then I was able to help. We were pounding in the pitch black night until about 9 PM. The picture below is the finished product until it warms up enough to paint. We eventually want to put new siding on the whole house but that will be a while from now. We've got to save our pennies.

We've been sick at our house off and on for about three weeks. P has been housebound for the past week (due to bronchitis and a sinus infection) and has been going stir crazy. The other day it was warm enough to be outside for a little while so we decided to let him play for a bit.

This bike sat out in the yard getting snowed on for a couple months. Amazingly enough, the batteries still worked and he was jamming to the tunes and honking the horn. He was very excited to be outside and was very unhappy when we made him come in. With his bronchitis, he will start coughing so hard that he throws up. So, when he runs too much or plays too hard he starts coughing and then throws up. YUCK! Anyway, it has been a hard week trying to keep him still and to not move around too much. I can't wait for this bronchitis to go away!

This is me enjoying being outside without a coat! (Even if it was for only about 15 minutes!)

Here is our little man enjoying some Oreo's. He gets so stinkin' messy but it is funny to see what his face looks like afterward.

I took this picture on my cell phone the other day. P grabbed his doodle pad and a pillow and settled into the laundry basket to relax. He is such a goof!


The Adams family said...

I am so sorry to hear about the problem! I hope it did not cost you to much to fix. The beauty of owning a home! :) Glad to see that Preston was able to get out of the house and enjoy himself.

Marta said...

you always make me sound like such a good Grandma! Thanks. I love the kicked back picture!