Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Many Faces of P -

The other week when P and I went to play, in Idaho Falls, with my cousins, Jamie took some really cute pictures of P. I've finally gotten around to making a post of it. Here is the story. Jamie has a dog, Bo, that is a mixed breed but is the size of a labrador. He is a very nice dog and very excited. Anyway, he managed to get inside the house and came running at P. They came face-to-face and it scared P. So the rest of the day, he was nervously looking toward the back door and worrying about "Puppy!" We left for lunch, played at the park, and then came back. He was still worried about Puppy and stayed perched on the couch where it was "safe." Here are the pics:


Mr. Pouty Face

I'm so cute when I pout.

The thoughtful, nose-picker pose.

This is when P finally got brave enough to peek out the back door. I LOVE the look on his face! It is totally a "What are you taking my picture for?" look! Man, we've got a cute kid! :-)

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