Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Maria! -

Last Saturday, March 7th, we celebrated the birthday of J's sister, Maria. We went up to IF in the morning and we, J's parents, and Maria and her family went to the museum to see the Titanic exhibit. I'd like to go back, minus P, to really be able to appreciate it. I've always loved learning about the Titanic and seeing the artifacts. I know Steven, Maria's husband, considers me a huge nerd because I went and saw the movie in the theater three times. WHATEVER STEVEN! I was a teenager, what do you expect! ;-)

After seeing the exhibit, we went to Red Robin for lunch. Here are some pics.

Josh's parents.

Steven giving his sweet birthday girl a kiss.
I got jealous and wanted in on the fun!

It became a smooch fest because Andrew wanted to kiss his dad. What fun!

After lunch, we went back to Steven and Maria's house and hung out for a bit and had birthday cake. Overall, it was a great day. I love being close (in proximity) to most of J's family and being able to celebrate with them. They are awesome and I feel so blessed to have brothers and sisters!

Here is P playing with an old phone. It kept him busy for quite a while!


The Adams family said...

What a great way to spend a saturday! Dont you just love Red Robin! That place is the best.

Chickapee Creations said...

That is awesome..Glad you all could get together to celebrate! You are so good at keeping your blog up to date..wish I had that push... ;09

teresa said...

Your family is so cute, you look like you have a great time together!