Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! I know we did! I have been one busy bee working in retail the past month. In a way, I hate working retail because it makes me hate the Christmas season. I truly am grateful for the chance to celebrate our Savior's birth.

I ended up working on Christmas Eve. So, the second I got off from work J and the boys picked me up from work and we headed to his parents house about an hour away. We enjoyed dinner, opened presents, and watched a movie with J's parents. Well, actually they watched a movie and I crapped out on the couch. I was so pooped! :-) We drove home late that night and spent the night at our house.

In the morning, we opened presents together as our little family. It was great fun to watch the boys get excited for their gifts and for the fact that Santa came! Afterward, we headed over to my parents house at 10 AM. (We were supposed to have brunch with my grandparents and my granny at 11 AM.) Anyway, we get there at 10 and ended up waking up my parents! Ooops! We hurried and got the breakfast casserole in the oven and then settled down to open presents with them.

We had a wonderful Christmas and were spoiled rotten. Now, here are the pictures!

This picture should actually be at the end, but oh well. P got a tent from J's parents. He was very excited and could not wait to set it up. He ended up camping out in his bedroom on Christmas night. And, he is actually camping out again tonight!  Ah, simple pleasures!

Here is our Christmas tree before the wrapping paper carnage.

Here are the boys waiting behind the gates. We set up double gates to keep P jailed contained. I was worried he wouldn't sleep and would bother the presents. He ended up sleeping through the night! (I love J's face!)

Checking out the presents. I love how E is reaching deep into the bag!

E wasn't sure about ripping the paper. We couldn't get him to really go for it. Oh well, next year he will!

This ended up being E's favorite toy from our house. It was a toy cell phone. Silly boy loves that thing!

Yay! I got a phone and I'm cute!

Here is a picture of the haul.
We were very blessed this year. Finances have been pretty tight and we only had two presents under the tree. One for each boy. All the rest of this was given to us by a couple anonymous drop offs. We don't know who did it but we are extremely grateful and appreciative!

 P got a rocket from Santa! You put the Styrofoam rocket on the base and stomp your foot on this pedal and it shoots the rocket into the hair. P loved it!

Can you hear me now? This boy loves phones!

Why do you keep taking my photo? We got several of these scowls! 

The boys got two Diego the Explorer toys. Pretty exciting!

The only photo I took at my parents. There is a piano toy by E that he absolutely adores! P loved opening presents and helped Grammy open several of hers!

Here is a pic of P sleeping in his tent. I was trying to get the picture and not wake him up so I didn't get a very good shot.

Anyway, we ended up having a very wonderful Christmas. I hope you did too!


Jodi said...

Looks so fun - Merry Christmas!

WhisperingWriter said...

Great stuff!!

Looks like an awesome Christmas.