Monday, December 13, 2010

Youth Trip to Salt Lake: Part 1

I serve with the Young Women in my church. We decided to take them to Salt Lake City this weekend for some fun. So, as soon as they got out of school, we packed up the 4 minivans and left. I'm sure it was a sight to see 4 vans following each other very closely the whole way to Utah! 

Here is a picture that I snapped right before we left. I caught them off guard and blinded them with the flash! :-)

Once we got there, we went to Temple Square and listened to a choir concert by West Jordan High School's choir. They were amazing! Afterwards, we walked around and took in the beautiful temple and Christmas lights. Here are some pictures:

This is me with the Adult Leaders that came. We had so much fun!

This is the Assembly Hall, where the concert was held. 

Group shot of the girls we took.

Me trying to be artsy.

I love the reflecting pool by the temple!

A cute couple got engaged as we were walking by. I had to snap a pic!

Another group shot of the girls!

After we took in the sights, we went to drive to the condo that a family was so generously letting us stay in for free. A Utah Jazz game finished up at the same time as we were leaving. :-/  What should have been a five minute drive to the condo turned into an hour drive! Next time I'll check the Jazz schedule!



Adam and Kym said...

What a fun trip. It is those special above & beyond things that I remember most about my time in Young Women. I'm sure those girls will remember this for a long time!

Jodi said...

Those are some lucky young women to have you for a leader!!