Monday, December 13, 2010

Youth Trip To Salt Lake: Part 2

Once we finally got to the condo. We packed all our crap stuff into the tiny place and set up our bedding. We made hot chocolate and popcorn. Then we settled down to watch the movie Forever Strong. Holy crap, I L.O.V.E.D. it! I love movies like that. It was clean in language and was a "feel good" movie. I finally went to bed around 2:00 AM but I hear some of the girls didn't go to bed until 3:30 AM. Gag! I was so tired the next day.

The next morning we made breakfast, begged for a spot in the bathroom line (20 girls & women + 1 bathroom = Full bladders ready to explode!), and packed the vans back up. We drove to The Gateway and did some shopping. The girls in my car wanted to make a stop at the Planetarium. So, we went and saw some fun exhibits and stuff. Then we wandered some stores and mostly played on the escalators. We were reenacting the Elf scene. It was pretty funny.

Afterward, we ate our sack lunches and then we walked 8 city blocks (big ones compared to our "Podunk" town) back to Temple Square. We went to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and watched the movie that they are showing about Joseph Smith. I've seen it a couple times but never on the huge screen there. It was a wonderful film.

After the movie, we walked the 8 blocks back to our cars and were going to head home. Then we realized that one of the girls forks had gotten accidentally thrown away at the condo. Why she brought a nice, prized fork of her mothers, I shall never know. So, back to the condo we went to do a little dumpster diving to find the dumb fork.

Here is my friend, Stephanie, being OH SO KIND as to get in there and look for the fork that the girl shouldn't have brought in the first place.

We had some nice helpers pointing out bags to rip open and look in. GAG! It stunk pretty bad.
During the search for the blasted fork, I decided to go around and take pictures of all the girls in the cars

After the fork was found, we headed home. It was such a fun time and I love these girls to bits! Some days I wanna strangle a couple but I really do love them! Thanks for sharing in my little trip!


Melissa Burrup said...

Looks like you had a blast. Salt Lake is always fun at Christmas time. We were at Temple Square and the Gateway Saturday evening, like 5-8. So we were there at different times.

WhisperingWriter said...

I'm glad you found the fork at least!