Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Recent Craftiness!

In my church, the women often get together to craft, visit, eat yummy treats, and just have some fun. Usually around November, we have a Super Saturday and do several crafts. These are some of the crafts that I made. I am not a very crafty person by myself, but when I have help from others ... I'm awesome! ;-)

These cute blocks were very easy. All I did was paint them black and then modge podged very cute Christmas paper on them. Once the modge podge was dry, I applied the vinyl lettering. So simple, yet so freakin' cute!

When I saw the picture of these little guys, I was sold. My sweet mama LOVES snowmen and a huge percentile of her Christmas decorations include snowmen. These were her birthday present so she could be able to display them through out the winter. These were really easy. A lady in our ward bought kits for these. So the hats were already sewn. All I had to do was paint the blocks, nail in the little eyes, apply the vinyl, put on the hats and tie the tops, and put on the scarf. I love them. I'm gonna save my $$$ and order myself another kit because I want some!


Camie Marie said...

Well you've been a busy little bee. I'm tired just looking at all the stuff you're doing. I Love your "plaques" for Christmas and the bread looks delicious!!

Adam and Kym said...

I LOVE your crafts! Ahh, Super Saturday. I am sad that my ward didn't do one this year. I look forward to it every year!

Marta said...

I love my Snowmen!