Friday, April 25, 2008

Brushing teeth and stuff . . . -

P loves to wear this hat. It used to be J's hat until it accidentally got bleached. Now that it is pink, he won't wear it . . . I guess I don't blame him, even I won't wear it! As you can see, P is quite the ham and has a lot of fun when he brushes his teeth.

Here are two different views of P's lips. This posting is being made with my Grandma Gower in mind. She has always admired and loved his lips from the day he was born. P is a silly little man and these pictures prove that he really is "The Man of A Thousand Faces." (That is the nickname that my G'ma and G'pa Gower have given him.)
We love our cutie pie!


Marta said...

Oh I love that little boy! He is Grammy's man of a thousand faces too. Sweet lips

steph said...

I so look forward to looking at your blog and reading your comments. Thanks for being such a FABULOUS friend. The last pic of Preston is prescious, I think you've got a hidden talent of a photographer!!

teresa said...

Aw, kids rock!