Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Love My Boys -

P has this nifty hat that he likes to wear . . . on occasion. We had a hard time getting him to keep it on for a picture, hence the lovely photo of J. I'm not sure if he wasn't ready or if he thought he wasn't in the picture. Either way, he is still the most handsome man I know and I love him to pieces!

P wanted my parent's dog, Jack, to wear the hat. Jack was not thrilled and took off running. Luckily, we managed to get this shot before he took off! I am so grateful that Jack is patient with P. He is a very good dog and just tries to stay out of P's way. The only time he bothers P is when P is carrying around food. He has been known to tackle P when he is carrying around food. Silly dog.

P and Grampy jamming. P was playing "beautiful" xylophone music while Grampy sang along. P sang too. It was pretty cute.

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Marta said...

What a happy Sunday afternoon. We love to play with and see and hug and sing with our baby boy.