Thursday, April 17, 2008

I don't want my picture taken! -

I was trying to take some photos of P because he was being cute and silly. Well, since he realized that he can see a picture on the camera, he is constantly trying to look at the back of the camera and I can't get any good pictures of him! The silly boy! He got so upset at me because I wouldn't let him see it and he gave me this face! This is not the typical P, I must say. He really is quite sweet and nice . . . most of the time! ;o)


The Adams family said...

I love it! Emma is at the stage where she gives us the cheesiest smile you can imagine. And then she will carry the camera around and say "smile please" Kids are so fun

Anonymous said...

He is such a character!! I can't belive that he is going to be 2 in a few months! Time has flown by.

Venna Jean said...

I knew that Preston had at least a
hundred different expressions but that is one I didn't see before. He is a doll even with THAT face.
I wouldn't want him mad at me very long.