Saturday, April 19, 2008

Surprise visit from my cousin -

My cousin Travis and his daughter Ayda made a surprise visit for a few minutes to visit Grandma and Grandpa. Luckily, I was nearby and got the chance to see them and introduce the kids. P and Ayda have never had the opportunity to meet so it was exciting to get them together. As you can see, P was a little shy at first.

This is P and Ayda saying CHEESE!!!

Ayda is giving P a hug and he is allowing it. It kind of looks like she wasn't all that excited about giving the hug either but it was cute nonetheless!

Travis, Ayda, K, and P posing for a picture before Travis and his family move to Oregon. We will miss you, make sure you come back and visit!!!!


Lind Family said...

Man, I'm short!!!

Nika Travis & Ayda said...

cute pics, glad the kids could get together before we move.

Mark & Kristen said...

Hey! I almost picked that same backround! I put it on there, and it didn't format correctly, so I changed it back to the old one, but I LOVE It!!!

Venna Jean said...

Sooooo glad that we were able to get Preston & Ayda together for even a short visit. They really finally warmed up to each other.