Monday, April 21, 2008

P & Grampy -

P loves to sit next to Grampy and play with his very own remote. This is one of his favorite spots when we go and visit Grammy & Grampy.

P loves this cool guitar. It plays songs and all sorts of stuff. He really gets his groove on sometimes! ; )

P loves to play his guitar with Grammy and she loves it!

P loves to play with Grampy's cheap drugstore reading glasses. We put them on him but he wasn't wanting to pose for a picture. This was the best one I could get! Also, he has a ladybug sticker on his forehead, if you were wondering. The only way we can get him to wear a sticker is if we sneak it on his head! Poor kid!


Brody and Karianne said...

Hey! I am glad you found us. Your little boy is cute. Do you live in Poky? Hey, I noticed you have Kristine Anderson's blog. Will you see if she can invite me to join? I haven't heard from her in ages. Tell you parents "Hi" from us.

Marta said...

He does love to sit with Grampy and remote away...oh no another generation bites the dust!

Mark & Kristen said...

Hi!! Thanks for your message on my blog!! I am feeling GREAT! I really couldn't ask for a better pregnancy. sometimes I forget that I am pregnant! I am due July 31st! I love your pictures!!!!