Saturday, May 14, 2011

Belated Friday Confessional


I CONFESS that I nearly had a breakdown when Blogger wasn't working.

I CONFESS that I got quite grumpy because I couldn't make comments or do a post

I CONFESS that I tried to log-on to Blogger nearly every hour to find out if it was "back" yet.

I CONFESS that I had the best day yesterday! I got to reunite with my college-days besties! We met in Utah at one of our friend's houses. We let the kids run and play and just enjoyed being together. Oh, how I love those ladies!

I CONFESS that I cried when E fell and bloodied his face. He was playing on a flattened futon and tripped and smacked his face on the wood armrest. He bloodied his nose and, as best as I can tell, he split his lip too. I've been very blessed in terms of my boys injuries. We usually don't have much blood. This time there was plenty and I kind of lost it. I was doing so well until I started thinking about how parents freak out when their children get injured and that is when I started to cry. Thank heavens my wonderful friend, Carli, "saved the day" and helped me clean him up.

I CONFESS that I planned on leaving our Friend Reunion by 7:00pm.

I CONFESS that none of us drove away until 10:30pm. EEEK! I couldn't help myself! I never get to see these wonderful women and couldn't tear myself away! It was a long, dark drive home. I was so tired that I had to stop in this TINY, ITTY BITTY town to find some caffeine. Thanks heavens there was a pop machine outside of their one and only CLOSED convenience store.

I CONFESS that I hate driving at night. My eyes aren't the best. J has always had better vision and he can spot those stupid deer a lot faster than I can. Thanks heavens no deer, elk, moose, squirrels, badgers, dogs, cats, etc. ..... made an appearance during my drive home last night.



Marta said...

I CONFESS that I love to ready about you all getting together and dang, I wish for more pictures. Friends are definitely the spice of a woman's life!

Mamarazzi said...

i confess...i am still not happy with Blogger's little tantrum.

Heidi said...

I hate driving at night too! And one time I didn't have my glasses on and tried to jump from Dannis's parent's boat to the dock (at night) and I would have jumped straight into the lake if someone hadn't been standing right there and grabbed me. That's how great my eyes are.