Thursday, May 5, 2011

Three for Thursday

Three things I do after the kids are in bed:
1. Eat my hidden treats. Ice cream, candy, etc.
2. Peruse Facebook and blog stalk.

3. Yawn and pester J to go to bed.

Three Pictures:
Gorgeous!  This is now my cell phone wallpaper! :-)

So pretty. I love Clematis!
Got Ice Cream?

Three people I kind of want to be, but not really:
1. Sandra Bulluck
2. Oprah
3. One of my managers at work

Three objects I would never buy used:
1. Feminine Hygiene products 
2. Food
3. Toilet paper

Three things I didn't do today:
1. Laundry ..... it never ends.
2. Make dinner (It's J's birthday, we're going out!)
3. Make a million dollars

Three books I would like to read...probably in ten years when all these dang kids are in school:
1. The Lord of the Rings  -  I loved the movies and would like to read the books
2. The Bible  -  all the way through. I never managed to do it during Seminary.
3. I dunno. I'm spacing out what else I want to read.

Three things that have been ruined for me thanks to stomach flu and/or morning sickness:
1. Puerto Vallarta restaurant here in town. Food poisoning ..... ER visit .... 
2. During pregnancy I cannot eat Pork. Even the word PORK makes me gag when I'm pregnant.
3. My enchiladas that I make. I accidentally put diced jalapeƱos instead of diced green chilies. OUCH!

Three things I appreciate about my marriage:
1. We listen and talk to each other We rarely fight.
2. We have humor.
3. My in-laws (parents and siblings).  Love 'em all!

Three things within a two foot reach of me:
1. Little E eating some bread
2. Two sippy cups
3. Some foot cream

Three plans for the near future:
1. A get together with my partners-in-crime from our college days. I'm so excited!
2. Buy Mother's Day cards for the moms!  *Mom, omit this part from your memory*
3. Finally get out of my work clothes. I'm too tired to get up from the computer. ;-)

Three final thoughts:
1. Why do the neighbor dogs always have to bark when we grace our backyard with our presence?
2. What should I order for dinner tonight at Applebee's?
3.  I am looking forward to the weekend!

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Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

I love the flower pics. And E's face...too cute!

Happy Birthday J!!

Oh me too on the Bible.