Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! Part 1

This is my wonderful mother and my two sweet, little men! I love her so much and want to wish her a happy Mother's Day! She is the sweetest and funniest woman I know. We know how to push each others buttons. We are there for each other when one needs to cry or laugh. My mom struggled with infertility for 4 years before being blessed to have a child .... her only child. I never really understood her struggle and the pain that came with that. J and I got married and, after a year, decided to try for a baby. I was hoping to not follow in her infertile footsteps but I did. It took an entire year before we got pregnant with P. It took another year of trying and three rounds of fertility treatments to get pregnant with E. It was heart wrenching to have negative pregnancy test after negative pregnancy test. Several friends managed to get pregnant with no problem and I was invited to their baby showers. I was so happy for them but was suffering inside. I want to have a baby so badly, why can't I?  My sweet, understanding mother was there right by my side. She helped me keep my chin up and gave me support. She was at the hospital when P was born. She would have been in the delivery room but I ended up having a c-section. She watched P while I had little E. She has been there every step of the way and I love and appreciate her for that. 

It really is amazing to think about all the things that my mother has done for me. She encouraged me (and forced a little bit) to continue with my piano lessons ... for which I am eternally grateful! She was my Young Woman leader on a ward and stake level. I never went to a Girls Camp without her there. The best part was that she stepped back and was only my leader. She let me run, play, stay up late, and get dirty at camp. 

 My mom is always willing to help watch the kids if I have a function to go to. I try not to use her babysitting services too much but I am certainly grateful when she does! My mom feeds us dinner on Sunday's. I've always loved Sunday dinners ... even as a small child. I love being able to spend time with her and my dad.

Thank you, Mom! I really could go on forever but I'll tell you the rest in person. 


Marta said...

Awwww thanks Kjerstin, I am sorry that you had to follow in my infertile footsteps, but there have been many advances since my day! Thank heaven for little boys!!

WhisperingWriter said...

What a sweet post.

Happy belated Mother's Day!