Thursday, May 26, 2011

Three For Thursday!

Three favorite words
1.  I tend to use the word DANDY a lot in conversation. I honestly don't know why but it just comes out.
2.  The phrase IT'S ALL GOOD keeps coming to mind. It isn't a word but I use it a lot.
3.  Right now, I call E GOOBIE or GOOBIE GOOBERSON for some reason. I usually say it when I go into his room first thing in the morning.

Three things that won’t be allowed in heaven

1.  Anything that has this disclaimer!  YAY!

2.  Murderers, abusers, pedophiles, etc. Thank heavens!
3.  That Friday Friday song. ICK!!!!

Three crafty things I do
LOL! Me and crafty don't really mix much. I'll share some links of stuff that I have made.
1.  Some Christmas crafts
2.  Seasonal crafts
3.  Creating kids is another "craft" of mine. ;-)

Three things I swore I would NEVER do when I became a parent, but now find myself doing

1.  I always saw these kids throwing huge tantrums in stores and I thought I'd never have a kid do that.  Um yeah. It happens.
2.  On a rare occasion, the boys will get a swat on the butt when nothing else will work. I never wanted to do that but sometimes that is the only thing that will get through to them.
3.  The whole "Why? Because. Why? Because. Why? BECAUSE!" situation.

Three favorite quotes

I passed one day through a lonely town and saw men tearing a building down, hoe hev hoe and a husky yell they swung a beam and a side wall fell, I asked the fore man : are these men skilled? The kind you would higher if you had to build? Oh no he chuckled no indeed, common labor is all I need. why, i can destroy in a day or two what builders take weeks to do. I thought to myself as I went on my way which of these roles have I tried to play? Am I a builder who works with care, strengthening lives by rule and square shaping my peers too a well made plan, helping them to do the best they can? Or am I a wrecker who walks around content with the labor of tearing down?

2.  "It is better to be respected than it is to be popular. Popularity ends on yearbook day, but respect lasts forever." 
 John Bytheway

3.  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming  -  Dory from Finding Nemo

 Three names I would never dream of giving my children
1.  Dweezil
2.  Beavis or Butthead
3.  Shaniqua

Three things I plan to do for Memorial Day weekend

1.  Most likely I will have to work on Memorial Day. :-(
2.  Finish planting our garden. It is half way done!
3.  Go visit the graves of loved ones.

Three blogs I love to visit

1.  Hanging By A Silver Lining.  Not just because she is hosting this post but because I love her to bits!
2.  Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock At A Time.She makes me laugh on a regular basis and has a great writing style!
3.  *Dandelion Wishes*. She has spunk and I love reading her stuff!

Three things that make my husband/partner the luckiest man alive

1.  Being married to me for one.
2.  He has an amazing family and married into an amazing family too!
3.  He managed to produce some amazingly handsome little men with A LOT of my help!

Three Pictures

You want me to take that kid home with me?! Let's just say P was not pleased when E showed up. It is amazing to see what good friends they are now!

My sweet niece feeding E and her baby sister several months back. It was so cute!

A cute comparison of my boys
P on the left and E on the right


Kym said...

I love your quotes. I need to write them down. Your boys are SO cute! I love the first picture. A picture is worth 1000 words!

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

I love you too to bits!!!

I love comparison pics!

You crafty girl you! he he he

Stinks you have to work. :(

I didn't know you were a gardner! Guess you better be if you're working out in Lawn and Garden all the time, right?

Loving your new blog look. Super Lindicious! ;)

Thanks for joining in K!!

Jodi said...

The first picture is also my favorite - what a crack up! The comparison picture is pretty cute too!:)

Heidi said...

Dweezil? Hehehahahaha