Thursday, May 19, 2011

Three Things

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Three home improvement projects:
1.  I really want to finish our box gardens and gravel area in our yard. We've talked about it for years and are finally doing it!
2.  I'd love to clean out E's room. I feel bad because his room is used mostly for food storage and other crap.
3.  I'd love to improve our yard by getting a sprinkler system or get new siding. We have hardboard that needs to be painted  and I'd love to get metal or vinyl siding.

Three favorite songs:
1.  The Lonely - Christina Perri
2.  Glitter In The Air - P!NK
3.  The Muse Album

Three dreadful things I’m really not looking forward to in the near future:
1.  Sending my baby to kindergarten. It really isn't dreadful but it makes me sad he is growing up so fast!
2.  The big 3-0 birthday is just around the corner! :-/
3.  Winters impending doom. Summer goes way too fast here in Idaho.

Three most surprising things about giving birth for the first time:
1.  No one told me about the bleeding after ward. I didn't realize that I'd need to wear a pad for a month after giving birth. I should have realized but had no idea.
2.  A baby can go a long time without pooping. I was a nervous mama at first!
3.  I never thought that I would suffer postpartum depression. That was a major shock when that hit.

Three really totally awesome things I did today that make me a Super Mom/Super Woman:
1.  I actually made dinner! Actually, J helped too. It is a pretty rare occasion for me to actually cook anymore.
2.  I worked from 8 to 4. Then went directly to a meeting to plan Girl Camp. (I am the Assistant Stake Camp Director) Then I cooked dinner and will soon be heading to another Girls Camp meeting. It's been a busy day.
3.  I managed to find time to blog during the middle of it! ;-)

Three things I never leave home without:
1.  My purse and cell phone
2.  My kids
3.  My glasses (I'm blind as a bat!)

Three favorite movies pre-1970:
1.  The Wizard of Oz
2.  The Parent Trap (the original)
3.  Pollyanna

Three best skills:
1.  I'm not too bad at shooting a basketball
2.  I'm awesome at the original Mario Brothers on the NES.
3.  Finding reasons to buy more Diet Dr. Pepper!

Three awkward happenings on the honeymoon:
1.  The whole part of "well, shall I go put on my new lingerie?" was awkward. Then walking out in it was embarrassing for me.
2.  I was stingy and wouldn't pay an extra $20 for a hotel room with a jacuzzi tub. So, we ended up with just a tiny bathtub. Let's just say it wasn't comfy.
3.  The day after our wedding night we had an open house in J's hometown. His brothers and sisters were brutal in teasing us about the wedding night and stuff. :-) I can laugh about it now but at the time I was horrified and embarrassed.

Three pictures:
This is the work we've been doing to our backyard. It is a lot of work but will look awesome when we're done

A pulled back pic. Closer to the grill and rock we are thinking of doing a fire pit

For those who commented about our wall on my vlog. Here is a better view of the painting the J did. I love it! :-)
Happy Thursday everybody!


Matt and Lindsay said...

I love your wall!!! Reading your blog makes me miss y'all!!! :(

Mamarazzi said...

love the 3 honeymoon happenings. so cute.

and you know i love love love that wall!!

Evelyn @ Hanging by a Silver Lining said...

wow!! How cool is that wall?! J is so amazing at all that stuff! I lvoe that you guys balance each other out so well.

I love Christina Perri too!

How cool to have a fire pit! I love fire pits!

Some of us just don't rock the lingerie like others do. *points at self*

We just showed The Parent trap to the kids. They love it! And I love watching it with them. haha!

Thanks for joining in K!!! Love you lady!!