Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Confessional


Time to confess yet again!

I CONFESS that I didn't tell J about the questions I answered in the Three for Thursday post.

I CONFESS that I answered three questions about awkward happenings on our honeymoon.

I CONFESS that I'm worried he might be embarrassed or upset.

I CONFESS that I think he will just have to live with it! ;-)

I CONFESS that I get frustrated when people tell me my kids are perfect angels. Yes, sometimes they are but sometimes THEY ARE NOT!

I CONFESS that I just need to realize that my kids will just be well behaved, for the most part, in public. I guess I should be grateful that they are comfortable enough to show their true feelings to me AKA tantrums.

I CONFESS that I don't mind the rain. We had such a gorgeous, warm week last week but this week has been cooler and rainy. I really don't mind. Before we know it, it will be so hot and everyone will be complaining about the heat. I'm just going to be grateful it isn't snowing!

I CONFESS that I'm so happy that my friend, Lindsay, is blogging again! :-) Ever since she got her new iPhone, she has been updating her blog on a more regular basis. I miss that woman, TERRIBLY! :'-(

I CONFESS that I did laundry several days ago and the clean clothes are still waiting to be folded. Ugh. I hate folding laundry because E likes to destroy my work help me fold.

What do you have to confess today?


Mamarazzi said...

i think i would much rather have people tell me my kids are angels than that they are little terrors.

kids always save their "special" personalities with the people they love most.

ahhh feel the love!

now i am going to go read your 3 things post.

Matt and Lindsay said...

Oh thanks Kjerstin!!! I miss you so much!!!
I'm glad someone wants to read my blog ;)
I hear ya on the kids being perfect. It only bugs me when people say " you have it so easy because your kids are so good" I wanna say how about you come over at bed time, OK!!