Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Confessional


I CONFESS that I have been having a hard time keeping up on blogs because I am ADDICTED to Netflix!

I CONFESS that I started watching the TV series Prison Break and I can't stop!

I CONFESS that I get mighty grumpy when is buffers or retrieves.

I CONFESS that our family went rock climbing with another family in our neighborhood tonight.

I CONFESS that it was awesome and so much fun!

I CONFESS that we only climbed on an indoor wall and not real rocks but it is still hard!

I CONFESS that I was mighty proud of myself that I climbed the 30 foot wall TWICE!!!

I CONFESS that I need to do stuff like that more often. It is fun to get out, get some fun exercise, and enjoy the company and conversation of others!

I CONFESS that I am going to have an awesome weekend!  I hope you all do too!

Need to do some confessing? Click the picture above and join in the fun! :-)

1 comment:

sarajo said...

Rock climbing and repelling on real rocks is so much fun! I did it a long time ago, and would love to do it again. Glad you are getting out and having fun!!