Monday, June 13, 2011

Sensational Sensory Safari!

A sweet family in my ward has children that go to the same daycare as my boys. P and their son have bonded and become little buddies. We decided it was high time for a play date. She told me that our local library had an exhibit and we should go see it. So we went not knowing what we were going to see. When we got there, the library was FILLED with all sorts of animals. It was a "Sensory Safari" which meant that kids got to touch the taxidermy animals. At first I was weirded out but finally got comfortable enough. P was a little cautious at first and E didn't have a single problem with it! Here are some pictures:

P hangin' with the lions

Can you believe I got brave enough to take a picture of this yucky snake? I can't look at the picture for very long before I get squeamish. This was a close as I got to it. ICK! 

Zebras!  P used to pronounce it "Bee-zras!" when he was smaller. It was so cute!

E took a break from the animals and found the fire truck!

This was in the front entry way. Scared me to death!
A little graphic if you ask me but the kids loved it!

I couldn't help myself! I had to pick that water buffalo's nose!
Man, I need to learn how to make "attractive" faces! 

We ran into another friend and her two kids. This is them (minus E) posing by the wart hog.


When will I ever get a chance to have my picture taken with a zebra again?! NEVER!

Once I got over my initial fear of the croc/alligator (don't know the difference), I had to straddle that sucker!

E growling while I help the cheetah go in for the kill! ;-)

Cute Mr. P finally giving me a good smile!

The only "good" pic I could get of P and his buddy, C. :-)


Jill and Levi said...

Love you guys! Move to IF :)

Jodi said...

That looks pretty cool - maybe we'll have to go check it out if it's still going on!

Heidi said...

That was pretty cool, huh?! When I saw that snake, I totally thought of how much you would hate it. Can't believe you could stand to be in the same room! Hehe.